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Our Story

Morgan Consulting, Inc. (MCi) was incorporated in the state of Florida in 1971 to provide technical consulting to Defense Contractors.
In the summer of 1973 MCi began a development program to produce a general purpose micro-processor based computer board and various interface modules.
MCi has implemented custom designs for companies that includes St. Regis Paper Company, Cotton Inc., Bergan,  Control Systems Research (CSR), Technical Services Laboratory (TSL), MicroSystems, Metric Systems, Manufacturing Technology (MTI),  Applied Systems Engineering Inc (ASEI), Raytheon, Hughs Helicopter,  the Army Corp of Engineers, US Bureau of Mines, US Air Force, US Navy, US Army, NASA, NOAA and TVA.
Today MCi specializes in a line of COTS ruggedized electronic modules suitable for use in harsh environments such as areospace
and military applications.
Most of our designs involve the use of embedded processors along
with CPLD’s and FPGA’s to accomplish the desired functionality.
Many are compatible with the PC/104 standard.


We can take a set of requirements to the design level or all the way to the completed board …..

Circuit Design

Using Cadence Allegro we design, layout, and route printed circuit boards.

Materials procurement

Parts acquired through major distributors.


Orders requiring manufacturing certifications are sent to an ISO9001 certified assembly house.


FPGAs, CPLDs, assembly code, C-code


Firmware and test rigs are developed as needed to simulate inputs/outputs.


Instruments and specialized assemblies

TJ5 Instumentation Time Code  “Jammer”

MDRS-4 Multideck Rotary Switch Assembly (5 decks, 4 pos)

MDRS-5 Multideck Rotary Switch Assembly (5 decks, 5 pos)

PCM Power Conditioning Module

Voltage Divider Assembly. Provides 20 Voltage dividers with filtering. Divide ratio is approximately 0.312.

PC/104 Modules

 – Docking unit for a TTE-DM GPS receiver.  Industrial Stack Power Supply included.

–  Docking unit for a TTE-DM GPS receiver.  Stack Power Supply included.

TTEA-104 – Docking unit for a TTE-DM GPS receiver with additional features. Stack Power Supply included.

GPS-104 – Docking unit for a Novatel OEMV1 GPS receiver.  Stack Power Supply included. Contains a 64-bit timer, 8 Discrete
Input/Outputs, an

IMU interface and 3 COM ports.

SDLC-104 – Synchronous Data Link Controller for serial interface to a Honeywell IMU.

S4DIO – Four Power Switches for Squib firing with safety mechanisms plus 8 Discrete Outputs and 12 MIL-STD_1760 Discrete

SDIO-Lite – Eight Power Switches for Squib firing with safety mechanisms plus 8 Discrete Outputs and 12 Discrete Inputs.

SDIO – Eight Power Switches for Squib firing with safety mechanisms plus 8 Discrete Outputs and 12 Discrete Inputs. Stack
Power Supply included.

Embedded Processor Modules

MAAGIS Rev C    Virtex 4 embedded PPC.   Round board.

MAAGIS Rev D    Virtex 5 embedded PPC.   Round board.

V5 MAAGIS         Virtex 5 embedded PPC.   Rectangular board.